Organizational Policy

Through our innovative products we want to secure our market position but also conquer new markets. That way we are able to hold our position among the leading supply and dewatering technology in the European sewage sector.

Corporate ethics


Customer satisfaction

We focus on our customers. Our goal is to provide our target groups with benefits above the usual competition. We achieve high customer satisfaction through high quality standards in performance and production and through accurate delivery and fair prices.

Market position

Together with our independent distribution partners and our field staff we are able to build up a successful and corporative relationship with our customers. We always look for new markets and distribution possibilites worldwide. We believe that every dialogue is the beginning of a new, successful business opportunity. In times of EU-expansion we are able to gain a particular targeted market position among the three leading competitors in Europe.

Economic growth

Through globalization and innovations we increase economic growth. We practice business innovations. This means that every employee should continuously work on product and assortment expansion, product improvements and launching new products. That way we strengthen and reinforce the market position of our business. 

Corporate vision

One of our major tasks is to create a working environment that is well operating and sufficiently organized. Employees are responsible for their actions. Independency leads to high motivation which is the necessary requirement to satisfy our customers' needs. Our organization is highly productive and we constantly increase economic growth. This development leads to innovations and helps to maintain social and ecological responsibility. That we guarantee, not only employees but our whole business environment. 

Stakeholder engagement

We want to maintain our position among global competitors. Our employees and independent sales partner provide us not only with the ability to perform but also with willingness to perform in order to compete successfully. The organizational climate is positive and productive. We are aware that trust, compliments and criticism during daily tasks must be highly valued when it comes to employee communication. We provide educational trainings and support, good promotions and excellent career possibilities for our qualified employees. Simple work flows and low hierarchies guarantee organizational success. Our independent sales partner receive constant support regarding qualification and off-the-job training for their own employees. 


Our purchasing department is able to find products at low prices all over the world. However low price should not implement low quality. We constantly check prices and compare them critically with other markets. Moreover, it is important to have reliable cooperation with our long-term suppliers.Decisions towards technical innovations and modern manufacture support low cost but high quality production. 

Wildeshausen, November 2005

Executive Board of HYDROTEC Technologies AG