About us

ALL-ROUNDERS WITH A FUTURE – growth included

In just 50 years, under the leadership of Gisbert Brinkschulte a commercial agency from Bremen has transformed itself into a company with global operations: HYDROTEC. More employees, more customers, more products, more divisions. Today we see ourselves as growing all-rounders with a future – and the unchanged desire to further optimise our work for customers all over the world.
We have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by EU enlargement, and today we are one of the leading providers in our EU target markets. There is only one way to achieve this: high-quality products at fair prices.

INNOVATIVE YET DISSATISFIED – the secret to our success

“A healthy dissatisfaction with ourselves is important to us” - does that sound audacious to you? We think it’s exactly what’s needed! This attitude has led us to improve our products with innovations that have inspired the market.

Success requires both ideas and profitability. In 2002, we increased efficiency by pooling the management, production, product development and sales functions at our central location in Wildeshausen.

At the same time, growing demand from domestic and foreign customers has enabled us to expand to our current size. HYDROTEC is a global brand. As such, we collaborate with a network of sales partners in Germany and the most important countries in Eastern and Western Europe. We also have strong sales in countries outside Europe such as the MENA region, Australia and the US.

GOOD BUSINESS – from person to person

Good business requires good products. And good people with courage, creativity, experience and knowledge. Our employees embody these qualities. Every day they are committed to developing the best solutions. They ensure that HYDROTEC remains consistently at the forefront.

The motivation for their daily commitment comes from responsibility. Talk to our team and you will find that each and every member is prepared to harness their full potential in service of the company. We really value this!

CONTROLLING QUALITY means certification

Quality starts in the mind. That's why we only work with specialists. Our branded products, which pass the strictest of quality controls, can only be created by combining skill with the best materials. In addition, thanks to decades of experience as German manufacturers of sewer casting products, supply and drainage technology, we also offer optimised, efficient production processes.

Know-how plus advanced technology equals high safety standards: HYDROTEC is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000. Among other things, we meet the ON-CERT, EMI and KIWA international standards. Our entire product range is internally and externally monitored in accordance with DIN EN 124 and DIN EN 1433. In the interests of quality. And in the interest of our customers!

LOOKING AHEAD - for new opportunities

Economic activity means change. We see this as an opportunity, and remain abreast of the needs of tomorrow's markets. In order to meet these needs, with 50 successful years already under our belts we continue to look to the future in our corporate management.

After years of chairing the Executive Board, company founder Gisbert Brinkschulte has assumed the position of Chair of the Supervisory Board. By his side, Uwe Brinkschulte and Jürgen Unewisse will be leading the company for the next generation. Together, they give further impetus to the core business. One goal remains the development of new, future-oriented business areas.

As “all-rounders with a future”, we are producers who like to think outside the box. In addition, we combine ideas and experience in imports and exports. HYDROTEC’s potential, from which you benefit, lies in the interaction between our ideas and our experience.